Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Animals really are more astute than humans.

So I'm aware that this isn't a review of a TV show, book or movie; but it is a review/musing/rant on the idiocy (or maybe reality is a kinder word) of human nature.

This morning I was waiting for my train (trying to jot down some ideas for a review of Buffy ep. 2 The Harvest, might I add) and everyone was silent; not talking not sniffing, not even looking at one another.

This in itself isn't really an oddity, as of the 50+ people on the station every morning, I have never seen one stranger talk to another without being accused of acting craaaazy. No, the funny thing was what happened a few minutes later.

A herd of kookaburras started laughing. At us.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, they could have been laughing at a fellow kookaburra, but somehow I think not. I mean, imagine seeing a horde of animals who are all more or less the same, all sitting together in a contained area, all making a conscious effort not to communicate with one another.

Pretty funny, huh?

And the worst thing is, humans don't even think twice about doing it. If you said 'Good morning' to a random person on the station you would be considered perfectly, without-a-doubt crazy. What we have is a plague of miscommunication and disenchantment. Isn't it a little scary that kookaburras realise how stupid we look when we sit at a station, pretending that no-one else exists and staring steadfastly at the train tracks, yet we believe that this behaviour is aloof and trendy?
Now, I'm not saying that I'm any better, I might be the first to smirk if a perfect stranger threw me a 'Good Morning!' while I was settling into my favourite seat in the last carriage. All I'm saying is, maybe the kookaburras are right. Maybe we should communicate with each other a bit more. At the very least it will give other species one less reason to laugh.

Just some food for thought.
End rant.

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